Sound 03


I was really young when my grandmother died. I grew up, along with my mother and my grandmother, with the idea of getting married. And I’m proud because I learn to sew and I made my own wedding dress. I got married at the age of twenty-one. I waited for my husband to finish the period of military service and then we got married. As I told you before, I made my own wedding dress. We lived in a detached house that had a little room in the rooftop. I sewed my wedding dress there, I tried the dress on to check all was correct and then I got married. It was the joy of my life.


I have been part of an association in San José for more than twenty years. I also was catechist for fifteen years, but I got tired and left. When my husband died at the hospital I was with him and it was overwhelming. He died in the small hours of the night and my four children came as soon as they could. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know. It was hard because I was the only one with him at the hospital. He was speaking to me and, suddenly, he was left. Even my children were impressed because I was very strong at that moment. But do you know why? Because I had faith in God. And some people seems to not understand that. Some people take things to heart but I didn’t. I was calm and thought “It’s God’s will. One day our time will come too. God gave me strength”.

My husband died four years ago. He died as he was talking to me at the hospital. He died, the poor thing. But now even I’m impressed of myself. Why you would ask. Because I had faith in God. God is great and he has given me strength to carry on.


You have to have faith in God and carry on. Also, I have done exercises for the last nineteen years and it has helped me a lot. You have to carry on and feel fulfilled. She’s a widow. You can’t be always thinking about your children or your husband. You’re unique and you have to overcome the obstacles in your life. Live your life and carry on.