Sound 10


There came a time in life in which I hit rock bottom and said to myself “enough. I have to carry on”. I worked hard to change my mind and keep fighting. Since then, I don’t feel sad anymore. What happened to me it’s nobody’s fault, you know? I learnt from that experience and I decided to carry on.

Now I feel proud of myself because I’m free at last. In the past, I didn’t even want to go outside. I didn’t like to talk to people and never shared my point of view. And that made me feel like I was good at nothing. But I worked hard to change my mind, like I said before, and I decided that I had to live and enjoy my life.


When I was having a hard time in life I stopped and took a breath and then, I kept going. I have an angel looking after me in heaven and he gave me strength. I remember that he told me “mom, I want to see you smile. You’ve got to carry on”. I sank into deep depression. I was mad at God. I wondered why him and not me. I also remember one time when he hugged me and told me “after I’ve gone, I want you to carry on. I want you to get ready, to go outside and have fun. You’ve always been there for us and I don’t want you to be sad”. I didn’t do it at first. But as time went by, I saw the light and I started to change. The association Fuente de Vida have helped me so much as I always have had somebody to rely on.