Sound 11


I can do it; I’m worth it. In fact, I’ve realized that I’m worth it for real. So many people talk about insignificant things and I always end up thinking the same. At first, I thought I was egocentric but I’ve learn to love myself because it’s not being egocentric, it’s a matter of pride. I’m here, in this world, and life has been a constant struggle for me. And now I’m where I want to be and I’m unique because there’s no one like me.


You’re like a rose about to bloom and, meanwhile, you learn. You learn how to face a lost and how to face happiness. You learn when a child is born and when a child is ill. You learn from the first kiss, from the love, from the first few times in general. It’s all there. And when you finally come into bloom, it emerges the good and the bad part of you, but all of it it’s you.