Sound 12


I felt deeply proud the day my son got married. It was a great day and an impressive wedding. My son is very attached to me, his mother.


Three cheers for the bride and broom!”. It was exciting. Then, at the wedding reception, he told me “mom, come and sit here”. I asked him why and he insisted “come and sit here alone”. Suddenly, the singer Gerson Galvan came and sang the song “Es mi madre”, what means “It’s my mother”. I was about to cry. It was beautiful. My son’s wedding was wonderful. As the song was played, my son kissed me. I felt so important. That day was simply unrepeatable.


I know I can do it and I have to carry on. I can do it. Because I lived the saddest experience a mother can live. I found my baby dead on his cot.


All people supported me. I had my family and my husband support all the time. But I find the courage to carry on thanks to my five-year-old son. He kissed me and cuddled me so much and he repeatedly said “I love you, mom”. At that time, I haven’t realized the situation. One day, my family and neighbours told me that I had to carry on because my son was secretly suffering. And then people started to tell me the same at school.

People told me that my son’s dead was God wills and that I had to carry on for my five-year-old son. So I said to myself “I can do it, I can do it”. And I could do it.


I can do it. But I looked around and there was no one there. I said to myself “I have to find someone to help these two people, specially my mother”. They had their head severely injured. I started to run down the road and I found a policeman. And then I told him what happened. But I felt alone at that moment. And that’s why I always say “I have to carry on”. I was only a child but I knew I had to call for help as they were so bad injured. Back then I didn’t have a phone, I didn’t have anything. But I had to call for help. Always carry on!