Sound 14


I have fought for my life. When my husband was ill, I was always there. I have also been there for my five children. I have had good times and I have had bad times. But I’m here now and that’s what counts.


I’m an energetic person. I can’t stand being at home all day long since I love going out with my friends. I like to go on the excursions and I also like to go eating out. However, I don’t go clubbing because going out at night is not for me.


If I weren’t able to live my life this way and be independent, I’d rather die. I refuse to depend on my daughter. I have so much energy. For example, if I’m in bed and I can’t sleep, I do housework. I need to be active. I know how to sew and I also do craftwork. Everything has a reason.


I overcame my fear of travelling by boat. When I travel by boat now, I take a sit and wait for the boat to arrive to port. I was really afraid when I went on a cruise because there were so many people on the boat. But I try hard to overcame my fear. I went on dancing, I went to the casino, I went to the pool and to the self-service. It was a wonderful experience.


The day my daughter was born was one of the best days of my life. I was excited and so was my mother. And suddenly, my mother died twenty days after I had my daughter. She was forty-nine years old and I was only eighteen. It was hard but I had to carry on.

Then I bought a house in a place called Lomo Blanco. I had two children at that time and I lived without electricity and running water. We lived on the fifth floor and we didn’t have a lift either. But what’s important is that I’m here now. And that I’m happy.